Do they Dismiss you???

I told hubby, his cardiologist, for all intent an purpose, dismissed him… Dismissed his concerns, dismissed me, dismissed the science…

Now I get it, doctors are super busy and over worked and it’s going to hell in a hand basket… uh, you ever watch MASH??? Enough said… because it was really like that… even during Vietnam… and now…

If those doctors had dismissed what their patients told them… not many veterans would be alive today to tell the tell of war and it’s horror….

So hubby will call the clinic Monday an tell them, as much as we appreciate the doctors psychic ability about Covid19… do you have blood work that is older than this test that shows the same levels??? If not, why aren’t you doing more???

Doctors dismissed me for decades…. it took a MRI on Dec 26, 2018 that said I spoke truth and doctors dismissed me as a hysterical woman veteran, instead of a human being asking for help… got to experience that here on Hawaii by 4 doctors so far… 2 of which I’m seeing now… not impressed gentlemen and I use that term loosely…

When I went in the Air Force in 77, I got heard… by the time I got pushed out of the Air Force, so they could cover up rape an attempted murder… It was all in my head…

Yep that MRI says it sure was…. and the MRI in Dec of 2019 showed how bad it was…

So it explains my anger the last couple of days… hubby’s cardiologist dismissed our concerns, because the dude is psychic about Covid19 and has X-ray vision….

all we can do…

Make sure we are heard and keep our lawyer informed of issues, when he checks in with us in a couple of months… good lawyer hubby got for that IVC filter… they have been specific if hubby dies, they want notified immediately so that they control the autopsy… yep, his life is that unpredictable…

So… morale of this little confab… Don’t let doctors dismiss you… they are stressed, they are over worked… but they took an oath to do no harm…. not play psychic….

We don’t have many doctors on our island, so, you either be a part of your healthcare or you take your chances… we are paying, we aren’t on their payroll, they are on ours… sometimes they have to be reminded of that… gods that are never going to be… humans sue over malpractice….

Adorable Spite…. never let anyone dismiss you….

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