Did ya know….

Our banger has decided that since the cops talked to them, they now go by honking their horn…. sigh…

The link is to our laws on Hawaii… an yes you can use your horn, but only in case of emergency… i.e., you are about to hit something or someone, because of mechanical issues or you are in need of assistance…

But to drive down the road, honking your horn on Hawaii, is considered rude and you got it… bullying… double sigh on stupid…

So, now what do we do… for now, ignore the weak ass horn, that our siren can drown out… it’s not annoying, we find it amusing an very childish… much like the behavior of christians and Trumpites…

If you decide to visit our islands… save the horn honking for your home area… it is really rude and vulgar… for all the crazy driving on Japan… they don’t like it either.. but westernization has hit and you hear it more now…

Times change, behaviors change… bullies just keep on bullying, why…???

Because they can… religion enables them and people are afraid to stand up for their individual rights…

I’ve heard suicide is picking up among the young… social media and it’s brainwashing, will make the weak vulnerable… social media is like any addiction, be it cigs or booze or drugs or gambling or sex… addiction is addiction….

Anyway, the dude drove by honking an hubby says that’s illegal, it is an it isn’t… depends upon the circumstances….

Adorable Spite… Hawaii and Aloha have yet to meet….

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