Thank you for your service???

Okay, turned the TV off, because a veteran who obviously is more about Party and Not Nation… was enough to gag me for the day… the dude does a podcast by the title I used for this write…

I served with dudes like him… an I got ganged raped by those said good republican christian veterans… and for them and those like them… it’s not about nation… it’s what can I get out of the system and don’t blink or look backwards… your head may spin off…

I really don’t get it… women who support this kind of behavior… it’s not human, it’s cult… be it religion or republican or democratic, or independent… it’s no longer about nation… it’s about the organizations that have become cults… much like Q’anon… what ever that thing is… which if you look closely at that… it’s writers aren’t American… Asange’s people would know about that… but, when you believe in magic… you’ll believe in the bs of Q’ whatever or the bible… both fantasy an out of the minds of the mentally ill…

It really surprised me, when I read history and found how many of the world leaders, were actually mentally ill… all the way back to the times of man’s man made god… no wonder psychology had so much ammunition… you put it in a book an said it was holy… Man made gods with man made words… just that simple… it’s been all men and women, just seem to swoon to the power of these man made gods… wonder if they think that now with Covid and those same gods are sitting on their thumbs????

Anyhow… Thank you for your service… every time someone says that too me… It takes all I am, not to knock them on their ass….

What I see in my bank account is the thanks I get for dying and the Air Force covering it up… for being ganged raped by officers…. and it was “What did you do to invite such behavior”…. and watching my career go in the toilet while a CMSGT got to retire and the rape and attempted murder of my children got covered up… by the Air Force….. by MEN…..

So yea… keep following the lemmings of religion and politics… and when you find yourself falling over the edge of that cliff… don’t say you weren’t warned…

I got tested… not once but 6 times… I know my mental health… do you know yours or are you going to double down like the Trumpites????

Have a nice day….

Adorable Spite… thinking this might be a new way to write… hmmmmm…

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