So censors are you gods or mice???

The blog has been a fun experiment about humanity….or the lack there of an more mental illness than you can shake a stick at…

One thing about a service I bought from the other hosting site has protected me from spam, but it HAS not protected me from humans playing god….

So my question readers… Why haven’t YOU promoted my blog????

Censors will not promote it an as far as I can tell, if you are family, of course you don’t want anyone to know your dirty christian secrets an won’t promote me… an if you are censors, you won’t promote me….

SO that leaves the readers…. Censors an family afraid of those closets getting opened….

Democracy is an illusion that christians are fast dismantling for their sick, raping, murdering religion….

Mainland is the only place I have been on earth, where churches out numbered schools….an you wonder why so many of you are dying…..

Blog renewal is coming up, I plan right now…. head to another site an dump the censors on word press… take my money an run the opposite direction of corrupt raping, lying, cheating, murdering christians….

You yahoos want a pasty god, Trump is all yours, FB, Twitter an Instagram christian platforms are all yours…. an when you can’t clothe yourself, put a roof over your head an food on the table, I will remind you, your man god knows all an does nada… good luck with that….

SGT USAF Vote take America back from Trumps fake christians an man made god… VOTE. this blog is headed to a site we’re christians are terrified to trod…. REALITY!!!!

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