Where I stand with it all…?

Yep, one of those days, were I review a conversation with a specialist and I have to go back an look at the MRI reports and the other reports and finally get it all, what they are telling me……..

So not all TBI show’s up on MRI scans… I guess they have to be real bad, for MRI to pick up… so what did show up on my MRI’s….

The way the radiologist read them, and the way I Interpreted what he said… don’t always meet in the middle… we kind of missed each other on understanding….

As far as the neurologist and radiologist are concerned, I have suffered multiple TBI’s… be it concussion from being dropped from the top bunk repeatedly, or be it in the pictures that are on my front page, where they played tennis with my head… still blows my mind on those bruises in that first picture on my forehead….

So, none of the blows to my head show up on MRI or CT scan…

What did show up… was what is called a blood stain from a heart event… in other words, I had a stroke….. an I’m sure as to when it happened too… Japan…

After the beating at 5 years old, I had already lost time from the shaken baby thing at 2, when she broke the hair brush on me… I lost a couple mores years after the beating at 5 and lost a couple at 8 and I lost time at 13 and 14…. and the last time at 17….

Even though I suffered head injury, it’s not going to show… but, that one little world, because of the stroke on the brain and my memories, the doctors are basing their diagnosis on that….

Repeated traumatic brain injury, compounded by a stroke or strokes and it leaves me highly vulnerable to dementia, because of all the blows to my head… an the fact I have dead brain cells or I wouldn’t have permanent memory loss…

All because christians have to be the slave owner and they don’t care the color, sex or anything else… just as long as they tell you to fear and you fear… oh please, bring on your god, I got a size 7 1/2 all ready and waiting to change it’s voice to another octave!!!!

Humans play god, that is the only gods ever or ever will be… Human….

So to straighten it out in my mind…. TBI’s don’t show up on X-ray… especially real old ones like I had… it would have needed to be a closed head injury or a crack in my skull… so that dent in the right side of my skull, may be from Texas, an may have caused the vulnerability for the stroke that happened after another beating on Japan….

It’s a wild ride, figuring out what was injured, how it was injured and what are the long term consequences….. that I get to live with, because christians beat up a little girl…

I’m impressed…. NOT!!!!

Adorable Spite… watching America be destroyed from the inside, because evangelicals had to own the women of America… those are some frigid christians…

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