Can you feel my heart beat???

It was a typical day… my toddler and I on the bus, headed over to the other side of Sacramento and it happened…

An extra heart beat out of no where….

I had no memory at that time of that happening before… so I went to the ER and they couldn’t find anything and I went on my way…. this was 1976…

By the time 1977 rolled around it had been ten years since Texas happened and Margie died… and I still had no memory of any injuries or other issues… Mom just said, “You had normal childhood illness”….

By 1978, something was wrong… so the first step, give me back use of my left knee an they shoot it full of steroids… that lasted about 10 years… an they took x-rays an found all kinds of things going on and no rhyme or reason for them… because I still didn’t remember…

By the time I was discharged, I had worn a halter unit 3 times and not once did it pick up the tachycardia irregular rhythm….

Fast forward a few decades and the halter unit is worn a few more times and CT scan of my heart in 2013 give or take a year… Echo cardio done and no detection of the tachycardia….

Fast forward to 2017, we are on Hawaii an the unit is now, something you wear for 2 full weeks and it’s just taped to your chest… an eureka…

Irregular heart beat… some kind of tachycardia heart beat, don’t remember the name they gave it… but it was being pushed into overdrive, because of levothyroxine drugs for thyroid… something I should have never been on…

Well I quit the thyroid drug in Jan 2019… an the irregular heart beat has backed off, a lot…. even when I get cardio up, it doesn’t happen and any of ya know why… the clue is, it happened early this year and the last MRI showed it back in place……………………………….

My neck…. Yep, the herniation of my neck, puts and compress’s the nerves in my neck and one of those nerves, deals with the heart…. El Paso VA triggered 9 years of total hell with that damn irregular heart beat… just because I pissed off the gas passer before surgery… someone needs to charge them with attempted murder… period!!!

Once my neck went back into place earlier this year… all those dizzy, upset tummy, walk like I’m drunk and pain in the ass irregular heart beat… most of it is mild or not impacting me at all… for now…

Until I irritate the neck or spine or thorasic area… regardless it don’t take much to trigger all kinds of symptoms…

So why did the heart beat thing start in 76???…. in 1971, Don knocked me across the room about 10 to 12 feet and he herniated my neck… it was still herniated, when I went in the Air Force… the Otesopathic doctor, not knowing it, put things back in alignment… it hurt like hell and I didn’t go back an let him do more and it kept me from seeking Physical Therapy for decades, because of the pain he gave me… once I got passed the fear of being hurt… PT is always going to be a part of my life… no doubt about it… pain an all….

It took the hernia that El Paso caused 9 years to resolve it’s self… those bastards are the worse federal employees and guess what, they are you brother, sisters, mom’s & dad’s and it isn’t about the patient’s… it’s about their pay check and that has been proven repeatedly by the number of veterans dying daily, because of poor VA health care… and I’m one of the survivors….

The heart beat thing, hardly happens at all, even when I get the cardio up, when I get on the elliptical….

IT just proves that the shaken baby thing is the right path, for the beginning of the injuries…. spinal cord injury, blunt force fractures through out my whole body and brain injury, plus a stroke… yep, christians have shown me exactly the kind of people they are…. Criminals….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….

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