Body Snatchers have hit Hawai’i….

Go to bed before 8:30…. an actually sleep like a person should sleep… Soundly….

Wake up at 4:30 AM… no roosters an no bangers!!!!

No way I can be that lucky an they all disappear….

Hmmm maybe that siren is more annoying than I thought….

Gee, sleep may not be an illusion on Hawaii island… as I hear roosters in the distance… better than boom, Boom, BOOM!!!

Have a great day, the news will be off in our home, we selected our pres an vp…. as for the virus… We had it already, or at least we had it before it mutated…

Stay safe, wear a mask when you LEAVE YOUR home, you are not special or germ free…you are a walking petri dish an the next death could be because of your stupidity…. wash hands an social distance…

Sgt USAF DAV… Vote Biden An Harris, make America whole again an kick the Trumps back to their homeland in Russia…

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