A bigot in the making???

Okay, got the news on, not because of the election, but because of the pandemic… and I got to thinking about what I heard on the news a day or two ago from a high school student and I was stunned at how young bigots have become or have they always been??? and Why???

The young woman said… “I should be able to attend school and not be kept out of school just because you fear”… I’m not sure that’s 100% what she said, but the fear part I am…

I got to thinking and the only people on this earth who told me I had to fear… was christians… and we all know their bigotry, because rape is immaculate….

I’ve watched young people who are now adults, with quickly growing kids, that weren’t holy rollers… but because of choices they made in their lives and instead of just owning the moment an move on… they ran for a god that only exist in the minds of the mentally ill… just read psychology, if you buy into the bible… truth won’t matter to you any way… why??? Because psychology says your are mental… truth has no value, only keeping that closet closed…

I don’t have a closet to keep close, so I can’t relate to the mental illness that is caused by fear… which, in the end… is what religion is…

So that young student, said she should be able to go to school, because you fear… yet she fear’s not going to school…

Who’s rights out weigh the other…. and as I say that, I know, I’m watching bigotry spread like a toxic weed… and China & Russia make more headway into taking over our democracy… watch what is happening in Hong Kong??? It once was free… free to live… not anymore…

Christians are selling us to those countries… just so you can have a say over my body… White man’s slavery at it’s best and thy name be religion….

Yep, Hawai’i sure seems a lot safer than the mainland… as I watch our own head down that path, by just being on the platforms, doing the brain washing….

Vote, take America back from the mentally ill and give us hope of a whole America….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….

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