Hey peeps, what’s up???

I am quickly running out of stuff to write about, or maybe I’m just in a rut, because of Freda reaching out to me or, better yet, the spider laid her trap and is waiting for me to twang the web… I think I’ll skirt that web….

PT over… she is working areas that are super tight, in the rib cage, and neck… an oh boy, does my left side sting, just a bit…

I only have 2 more PT appts and I’m done for this year… take the fall off and go back after neruo in Feb….

My head doesn’t feel like it’s going to go rolling down the road, so I guess that is because it is becoming more stable, per the PT kid…

Oh my goodness is it hot… and muggy… Hawaii at it’s best for summer activities and the ocean so warm, it’s like taking a bath… I don’t even turn hot water on for my shower except for the neck, the water in the holding tank is that warm… I miss cold weather….

I’m learning to hold my tongue… the PT kids and neuro have helped me more than anyone else in the last 45 years… so, it’s about how to deal with the symptoms and understand what injuries are causing the symptoms…

The more I learn, the more I marvel at my survival… I should be 6 feet under several times over… but my desire to see those who did this to me pay… was a stronger desire than giving in to the darkness… no gods, just my own individual spirit….

News is off, we have made our choice for president… we are done listening to the rhetoric… now it’s about the virus and if we had it and according to hubby’s blood work, the enzyme they were testing for, came in with elevated levels… I expect a call from his cardio doc to schedule a echo cardiogram… an see what his heart is pumping at and of course…. Told ya so…. yep, sticking my tongue out at ya… I was right again…

It explains why we haven’t had the virus again… and we have been out and about since this started….

I’m dreaming, but, just dreams about the past and nothing that has any value to this journey… just filling in the missing pieces, sort of… I’ll have to be more direct about that subject in the book…

Bangers have been minimal and the squatters are quiet, so far… an gate should be here any day, covers for it came already and we will have total privacy… yippee…. but if they start another fire in the middle of the night, I’m not going to be polite… damn smoke comes right in our bedroom, like it did at 4AM and no I wasn’t nice when I stepped outside wide awake…!!!

Like everyone else, we are waiting… waiting on a vaccine that is safe and waiting on the election to be over… so sick of christians and their ugly nasty behavior and Trump and his FOX news company are the nasty christians from hell….

Enough, it’s hot in here… have a good one… I’m going to go sit on the patio, where it’s cooler….

Adorable Spite… on the road to sore muscles… at least I’m finally getting some.,…

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