Vaccinations protect against Covid19…

I could have told you that….

Per the above article, people like hubby an I, we get our Flu shot yearly, an we both got the pneumonia shot as well as I being a veteran have had every vaccine-out there, until I left military service….

Do we feel stressed over COVID??? That answer is a resounding no….

We know we were exposed an had the virus already, an waiting on blood work on hubby to confirm that….

Hubby was real sick….. Me with all those vaccines that nay sayers think are dangerous…. I would have no problem working in a hospital right now in my old job… that isn’t confidence, that is knowledge an not propaganda via christians an Trump….

I am getting ready for a full arch implant process an have no fears of the virus…just a sore mouth…

My sons, are at risk…they do not get flu shots an probably never bothered with any other shots, because they know everything, my step daughter thinks vaccines are live virus… so what do you do???

For us, no visitors, not here an not when we move… Either you trust science or you trust gods that man made an don’t vaccinate….

Me, hubby trusts me, an I trust me… gods are man made an fear is the mind killer…

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to be fixed an so far….you are way up the ass of god lovers….

Oh well….. that will mean a few less left to be a part of our world…


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