Christians have no clue about medicine…

Okie dokie, pill gave me about three hours sleep to wake to inter island quarantine….

If you come from anyplace to Hawaii island, you are going to be isolated for two weeks….

My surgeon is coming from Oahu… an that just put my surgery off till October if not later….

Be twelve years by then, since my dental nightmare started…

12 “F” years to get health care I EARNED as a 100% SERVICE CONNECTED VETERAN!!!!!

Sure christians care…as long as they are first in line while, telling us their god is powerful!?!?! Really??? Powerful or impotent???….

The only deep state in America… christians who lie, steal, cheat, rape an murder their way thru life because their man made god will forgive them…..


Not a snow balls chance in hell…. Just that easy….A crook is a crook, hiding as a pseudo christians….

Adorable Spite… watching those closets bleed the blood of innocents, christians are destroying, so those closets never open…

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