Okay, Just Picked my Stomach up, it headed for the mainland….


Reading about these surgeries an going over my conversation with the surgeon… which was June 2nd…. an I remember him asking are we doing denture an I said no, I am allergic to the material, we are doing bridges….

So, like all things with this memory ability, I evaluate long after the conversation an today was that day for that review… I do enjoy this brain of mine….

I attached a link that talks about different options…. My guess, If I remember the conversation with the finish specialist, we are doing a 6 point implant or 8… depends what they do with the last 3 natural teeth, got a feeling I could end up with 8 implant post in my maxilla because the last teeth will get pulled an a post will go in immediately, which is why, they haven’t removed them yet… good thing the pain has been manageable…

According to the article, I will have a more natural look an better ability to eat properly… which I haven’t been able too since the night before surgery at Tucson VA in 2009 Nov…. an here we are 11 years later an the VA is FINALLY doing its job… an people wonder why suicide is high among vets??? Eleven years for needed dental, ten years for major surgery… VA needs shutting down permanently ….

SGT USAF DAV 100% service connected…..

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