At least play a melody!!!

One of the big reasons I quit the drug that controls women, “Levothryoxine”, was because I thought it could be the culprit for my ringing in my ears… well it wasn’t, been off the drug, be 2 years in Jan…

So, I also knew that neck injury could cause ringing in the ears… an it does… and we know my neck, like the rest of my body, shows the evidence of abuse at the hands of christians…

I did notice, when the PT kid worked my neck, the noise wasn’t as loud… this tells me, If I can get my neck happy at home and keep it that way, I might be able to reduce some of the loud ringing I put up with… like this morning…

I knew when I woke up, I didn’t sleep right… my shoulders were trying to imprint on my ears… so, it was a tense night of sleep, which means, bad dreams, which, I got no clue, because I was more pissed the lights for the plants spilled into the bedroom this morning, before I was ready to wake and hubby got told, adjust the timer and that was it…

My shoulders feel tight, but mostly my left side and my left arm feels somewhat numb… how a grown man & woman can be so proud of such abuse against a child… just shows you how mentally ill the religious really are… we are out numbered.,…. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES….. okay, so I’m twisted… don’t read me…

I’m doing good at the strap exercises… do 100 reps each day… the stuff they have me doing to loosen up areas, I’m doing and the elliptical at tension 5, I’m doing… now, I just got to get the floor and weights incorporated into that an try an have a routine, I can sort of stick too… dental implants will throw things in a tailspin… at least for a few days after surgery… probably play games, since I’ll get a real pain pill, won’t notice the discomfort playing my favorite game… yep, never gonna grow up…. Ever!!!

For August, this is the mildest summer in the 5 summers here… we will take it… everything is green and changes daily, it grows that fast….

Have a good day, bad day, happy day… just accept… you got another day of life, do with it as you will, tomorrow is not promised… the stars can prove that… just look up….

Adorable Spite…. I bet Trump won’t even greet the new president, he’ll go slinking off in the night… any bets???

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