Geniculate Neuralgia???

Yea, me too, but it is an issue, I have complained about and it’s in my military records I brought it up more than once…. but these symptoms were something ongoing when I was growing up… so that just says I had arthritis in my spine before I hit puberty… explains my back pain… but the ear pain… oh my goodness, how many doctors up till now have I asked??? ALL!!!

Geniculate Neuralgia is a condition that is caused by a small nerve being compressed by a blood vessel (the nervus intermedius)…

It results in severe, deep ear pain which is usually sharp, often described like a ice pick being stuck in your ear and oh lordy can I attest to that… left my son’s wedding reception, because of that exact reason…

The pain can be dull & burning too… You can have facial pain also….

Well, another answer for the log… Arthritis in my spine, before I hit puberty and I gave birth to 2 ungrateful brats, served in the military 5 1/2 years, worked until I couldn’t work around the symptoms any longer… an retired at 44…. I’m now 66… took me that long to get answers, because Freda is afraid of her shadow and Peggy got slapped once…

Like I said, I used the neurologist to confirm what I knew I had and once that was done, it was track down the symptoms as they apply to me and duration…. an just wow on christians beating on children… especially a toddler…

Tempura dinner was yummy and my tummy is over full… enjoy now, because soon enough I’ll be eating baby food….


Adorable Spite… Trumpie doesn’t like being booed… poor baby…

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