Christians fail at humanity… they have none… so over this…

The MRI was a month ago, and since that MRI, my sleep has been anything but good… That is what happens when you get knowledge… the brain goes into overdrive, trying to figure it all out and understand the WHY???

Well understanding the WHY??? Would take me going into the heads of the mentally ill christians… an truthfully, I see enough of their gagging, raping, lying behavior on TV… in color no less…

So,yea, truth has it’s values, but not in my sleep!!!!

It really is like watching a Twilight Zone marathon… the religious keep selling their souls to the highest bidder, so we don’t find out about how perverse they are, or how sticky fingers are part of their makeup and truth… if truth left their lips, a poltergist would carve it’s initials from inside them….. VD… for voodoo….

When you have a pandemic, like now… this is when people are most vulnerable and will reach for E.T. if they thought it would solve their problems… only one problem… E.T. isn’t real, gods are man made and your problems… you probably made yourself… an christians… NEVER own their lives, they hide from them… look at Trump & Graham….

I get the lack of sleep… I just didn’t think getting the news I had hoped for, would put my nights into a tailspin… and the only thing I can figure after all these decades….

A lost memory I’m looking for is coming forward… for me to wake up, with the thoughts I am having… it makes sense, one of those memories I’m looking for is opening it’s petals and as it does so… I get more agitated… Yippee!!!!

House closed already, laundry going… hot, we are finally summer… and the AC has been cheap to use, thanks to oil prices… hubby off to get more mulch and me doing chores… what surprised me… I never took a nap yesterday and I was really sleep deprived… hit the pillow and I was out, till the yahoos squatting decided to work on a vehicle at 1AM and I set the alarm off… an had a very loud conversation with myself, just now outside, closing the gate behind hubby… keep it up, an the cops are going to move you out… pandemic or no pandemic… I’m over being woke up in the middle of the night by dumb ass catholics…

Work to do, not getting done here…

Have a great day… ours will be hot and sunny…

Adorable Spite….

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