What A Day For A Day Dream….

What a day dreaming boy…. yep… I was day dreaming an the phone rang…

Guess there is going to be 3 surgeons in the operating room… I get to be a guinea pig again…. whooooopppeeee…. NOT!!!

The surgeon doing the finish work wants to be involved… I knew this would an interesting procedure, because my mouth is small, my voice isn’t… but, when you look at the pictures of me, I was very skinny and now we know my… the myelopathy… hurling solid chunks as a kid… ewww… I hated puking… still do…


Young lady called and said they were trying to work the logistics out for the procedure, because one surgeon is coming from Oahu…

I’m not apprehensive, I know what they are going to do and I know, it’s not going to hurt for long… going to feel like my mouth is full of marbles and a large bib, may be in order… other than that… I’m going to get skinny again… good thing I packed on the pounds…. exercise makes me eat more…

So, the game is afoot and the dental implants is moving forward… so, this weekend, we are having our favorite meals of tempura and I start planning a menu, while I recover… enjoy now, drool later…

Back to my workout….

Adorable Spite… someone please take Trumps voice… please, his voice is like nails on a chalk board….

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