Letting the Squirrel out of the Cage…

Okie dokie… so the implants are getting very real an very close….

IF the pandemic doesn’t shoot this out of the water, it’s going to go forward…

I figure this fall, I doubt it will happen before that… okay, the more I think about it, the more I start to freak… good thing we have herb… which, once they cut me… that’s it… I’m done smoking pot… for good…

If I am right about the genetics of the family and the maxillary disease or inherited trait… smoking just ruins any dental work you have done, if you are in my blood line… goes back in history… an from what I found, it impacted both sides of the family and that’s because of the French influence on Don’s side, Freda’s was royal, back to the Roman Emperor days… so genetics, probably does play a role in what has happened to me…

3 young men working on… okay 2 working on me, the other watching the show… with that much knowledge in the room, I feel reasonably safe… it’s just, I got a feeling, they are doing a full maxilla arch in one setting, so eating after that, may be all liquid for about a month, but ya never know… I’ve read several ways this could go… so I hope they take my injuries into consideration….

I am curious what writing straight will be like… I haven’t done that, unless I’m doing legal or business…. should be interesting… I’m more filtered stoned… straight, you might want to get something to cover those eyes and ears… I might get brutal or nuts… who knows….

My jaw hurts, an I’m so ready for this to be over…. at least they are keeping me in the loop this time… now, just curious of the procedure, since that hasn’t been discussed with me yet… patient, always the last to know… at least my health care is that way….


Adorable Spite….

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