Is there a positive to everything???

The way religion teaches, even rape is a positive thing… in fact man made it immaculate…. so, in reality, men make up all the rules, all the gods, all the sins and commit all the crimes???? No shit…??? Huh…..

I go back to see the eye surgeon tomorrow, still got a blurry spot in my left eye… so, probably something still on the cataract lens they implanted… probably do another laser treatment…

Hubby was grossing about picking up dog poop and how much further he has to walk to find it, since he made the yard bigger and I simply said… at least you are getting your steps in….

It’s like the beating Don gave me on Japan and when I told myself, remember these memories, you are going to lose everything else… remember these memories… little did I realize I was setting myself up for decades of PTSD… but on the positive side…

I remember now… no more nightmares… the missing memory I’m searching for, has value only to me, no one else… why???

Because no one else would know it… they would have different memories…

Repressed memories are a magic carpet ride like no other… and when they get mixed together, it’s like going into a carnival house of mirrors…. you aren’t sure which one is real and which is the reflection… same with memories…

I try an find the positive on everything and I try not to justify the line of thought… I try and keep my brain free of religions corruption and influence… it’s like an invasive plant that wants to strangle all the natural fauna around…same with religion…

Every time I hurt, be it body or my mouth… I look for the positive on the matter… the teeth are in the works and I have a fantasy about tossing that surgeon out the 2nd story window… my health care is under control and the bangers… bless those tiny balls… have actually turned it down… 3 quick pops of the button is all it takes, now… so yea, I look for the positive and probably why I come out smelling like a rose… but I really prefer other smells…

Adorable Spite…. nighty night….

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