Eureka??? Nope, reality…

I knew, from studying PTSD and neurology, that at some point… the PTSD nightmares would stop… I mean come on…. 63 years give or take and I’ve had nightmares every night, until….. the last MRI….

I keep saying it, knowledge is power and rhetoric is worth nada… and Peggy, your rhetoric was never worth the words you spoke… an we were close huh??? Really??? How???

I woke up like yesterday, sore, tired and not cranky or moody or anything… just body sore, from all the workouts and PT stuff… I’ll take it… for the rest of my life, I’ll take it…

I am dreaming, but it’s just dreams about what used to be…. flash of a holiday or just seeing the family dynamic in a different light… did it or does it change anything??? No….

I’m not missing much memory, just 3 days, out of 66 years… like finding a needle in a haystack… but… always that little word… those ghost of memories, surround those 3 days during different years…

I pretty much remember everything from around 14 years of age to now… enough so, that, edetic memory is for sure what I have, because I’m remembering details an filling in the gaps, between the years…

So, just 3 days out of 66 years of life on this planet… Will I ever recover them??? The odds are in my favor… why???

Because I remember….


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