Shit happens…

We were talking an a thought came up to write about an it was gone… off to the abyss of my tiny, itsy, bitsy brain damage…. really sucks, cause the thought came back around an zoomed off in another direction to play pin ball…..

I had hubby put birthdays in his phone, because I cannot see the Iphone easily… an he rambled off the ones he had put in an we are missing several…

It’s a struggle to get people to understand I suffered a memory loss that covered the last fifty plus years…

I’m not seeing a neurologist by choice, but by need…. My memory issues will never not be around… and our children, family an friends expect a different person they think they know….

Just a FYI, no one knows me, not even hubby…. an I will go to my grave knowing that…. it really does take a great effort to want to know me, an I have decades of fake relationships to account for that statement…. they don’t respect me, because they don’t respect themselves….

Well, time to go do PT an junk… have a good one… this line of thought will get more consideration….

Adorable Spite…

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