Letting it all go…

Sleep, not happening last night… Brain way to busy looking at memories…

So much has opened up, since that last MRI….. Mental health, one of the most important health care options we need, yet, it is buried, so that man’s man made god can do it’s evil against humanity… so, mental illness will be with our world, until people are educated an not afraid of those closets that are bursting at the seams….

What got me to write this morning????

Got to thinking about how we have tried more than once to get the physical address of our granddaughter, so that we could send gifts to her directly… we have been trying to get that address up to recently, when we were told mail it to her momma… well that didn’t do any good either…. an they wonder why we put the credit cards away…..

Deceit in relationships is the norm for those that are christian and you can swear till you are blue in the face you aren’t religious… but your behavior says in volumes so much more, that you are afraid of what you don’t understand….

Yep, I didn’t get much sleep last night, because little deceits like that get in the way of real relationships and it begs the question, why is she so afraid to do that DNA test??? Does she know something we don’t???

It is frustrating… you try an lead by example an be totally honest and what you get in return is anything but warm fuzzy feelings….

No, society today is brainwashed by christian platforms that make you think, you can’t exist without them, that you aren’t complete… to us, it just shows, you are a complete idiot for being on the platforms and you prefer those relationships over ours... okie dokie…. wow, did I just save myself thousands of dollars….

The last of the jewelry I bought a few years ago, will go out to the last couple of people it was bought for and that will be it…

We won’t bother with phone calls, because we never made them to begin with, ringing in the ears and hearing aids, don’t make for good talking… an we won’t bother with other forms… face time for us is just flat out pain, because we have to stand in one location to keep from losing the signal and we have to hold the device and hubby can’t, so that leaves me, with my broken wrists and hands to hold the device… and it’s not worth the physical pain to do face time… guess I’ll have to look on how to turn that option off on our phones… being disabled, is anything but fun…

We are both a little frustrated, because we owned our behavior with our kids and did what was right…

I couldn’t get what is right out of our 3 kids if hell showed up on top of earth… and at this rate with global climate change, it may do that for me…

I really would like the people we call family and friends to show us, how we treated them so poorly????? Please point it out!!!!

The slow realization that truth costs is a pathetic analogy for christians….

Truth has value, honesty has value, ethics have value, integrity has value…. but not to the christians on Face Book or Twitter… they got to much to hide…. ain’t that so Freda….

No, sleep didn’t come easy last night… I gave up so much and got nothing in return, but an empty bank account… it’s time to change the boundaries of the fake relationships that have continued from our own blood….

Yep, no sleep last night… been a lot of that since the last MRI an yesterday, just complicated the issue… as I straighten my shoulders back into place an stop the searing pain coming from them….

Ya know, I gave cameras to my kids, video cameras to the kids and you know how many videos disc we got in the mail?????


Adorable Spite, so over playing with children… they need to grow up an we have our doubts they are capable…. they act more like Trump...

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