It’s Not the World We Grew Up In….

We were just talking about our move, when ever that happens an hubby said, the world got turned upside down 6 months ago….

He is right, as we all can see, but, that lil word… the world I grew up in, minus all the violence, lets leave that on the wayside for now… That world was respect, values, morals, ethics an most of all the illusion of free speech….

As I fast found out, an others are quickly realizing…. religion is the only deep state in America an it will be Democracies down fall…

My hope, people acknowledge mental illness an get help for their delusional god manifestation…..

Vote, take America back from the mentally ill… Biden is a stepping stone out of the dark ages…. Vote…

Adorable Spite…. stomping on Trumps voodoo….

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