It is What IT IS??????

After a while the rapist just tells you to bend over, because IT IS WHAT IT IS?!?!?!?!

Odd isn’t it, that a christian would be so cavalier about human life… but when you look at the facts, its not surprising at all, why???

Because these men are the same men that said Rape was immaculate because their god said so??? Uh, not sure about you, but pasty skinned MEN telling who or what is god, is the biggest sex assault on the planet against a child named Mary….

But their god will forgive them…..


Get out an vote, take America back from white, black, brown an yellow skinned psuedo christians an muslims who only want to TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN AN Cannot do in life because they are frigid religious psycho paths….

Vote an take America back from man made gods an sex slaves…

SGT USAF DAV…. I voted….

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