66 Yrs of life, 53 of those years with Amnesia…. can you beat that???

Just wow on today’s neurology appointment… I did mention, would I say anything about his behavior… I did tell him, my attitude about him had changed… I got a sheepish grin out of him…

The fog… the neurological fog that impacts my brain an you would think I was high as a kite… when I was 5 years old…

That fog is a result of shaken baby syndrome… spinal cord injury… when you piss off the nerves in the spinal column… you are going to pay and I have, since I was 2 years old…

I got to see a male red cardinal flirt with a female cardinal this morning… never seen them do the courting dance… it was fun to watch…. sorry I digress, birds outside my window….

IQ… as Trumpie say’s it is what it is… it’s up there and still is… but thanks to the TBI on the frontal right lobe… I don’t articulate it as well as I should be able to… that section of the brain deals with speech… an I’ve had more than one person use that hiccup against me more than once… and they are no longer a part of my life…

Physically… I got what I got, with compartment syndrome in my limbs and nerve damage on top of that and old fractures that started with arthritis, long before I hit puberty and internal injuries that are so scarred, if I need emergency surgery… I’m probably in trouble on surviving…

My neck will herniate very easy and that is something that will change the rest of my life… no more zip lines like I did last year… no more hiking, like I did last year and no more physical activities that just flat out cause pain and compromise my life…

so our next house will be big, because we will have our own gym… just that simple… I wanted motivation to get off my ass… keeping dementia out of my life, don’t need a stronger prod….

One thing the neurologist did mention…. I am a lucky one… with all the trauma to my head and brain… I’m considered a lucky one… ???

What does someone unlucky look like????

Yep, the conversation is playing around in my head, about all the topics I hit and he just confirmed, what I already knew…

There are no more tests to run… nothing can be done to correct the damage… if I had received proper care, I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now… and that is just a simple fact that I have to live with….

Christians did all they could to destroy my life an instead, It has cost the taxpayer well over a million an counting for the last 20 plus years an If I get pissed enough, it could well cost you even more, because I’m not taking this lying down, sitting up or standing…

Christians are the worse of humanity and my body reflects that 1,000 percent….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie … be afraid of the book kiddos… it’s coming an none of you are safe from the truth… isn’t that right Trumpie???

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