No more exercise ball…

What no one should ever do, underestimate me…. an I should never underestimate a object to teach me humility….

After the first two escapades with the over large exercise ball, see blog an search “exercise ball”… for back story… pee warning…

I thought, I really need to conquer this large ball people use for chairs an exercise…. I just can’t let a vinyl ball defeat me… as my devil on my shoulder starts to laugh, I hear Margie in the background asking if I had pads for protection???

I thought of velcro an decided, that could leave marks….

I thought of bunji cords an quickly realized, that would deflate the ball with the hooks or I could end up with a hook in the wrong place…

I thought of painters tape or electrical tape or better yet, my pink duct tape… naw, that’s just too sticky…

My last thought, get hubby to spot, but then, he did say $10,000 from AFV would come in real handy right now….

Problem solved… No AFV an no tape, straps or dunce caps… my exercise ball is retired….

Adorable Spite, not quite that crazy…. yet….

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