How do you rebuild???

Without a sound foundation, relationships are nothing more than acquaintances….

I told hubby not to sure what to do about the relationships we have that got ripped apart by the other person…

It all goes back to owning your choices an living by those choices an not blaming others for your choices…..

I think after hundreds of thousands of dollars, rebuilding those relationships will never be free of the fact, my retirement went up in more ways than one….an not to my benefit, but detriment….

The foundation of those relationships was tested early on with deceitful behavior….

Can those relationships be rebuilt…. for me its about respect an trust…. both violated an both easily destroyed….

Only the cult of religion buys into forgiveness…. total religious head fake… you made a choice an you chose not to fix it…

I think that sums it up nicely…. bridges that once were need a sound foundation…

Adorable Spite…. bangers showing the aloha that never was….

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