Any Bets????

So they, the men in power, don’t think Trumpie will leave the white house under dignified circumstances…

Would someone please explain when Trump, GOP or christians did anything above board an dignified????

Yep, didn’t think you could come up with one…

They also say the VP pick Biden has will have to deal with tropics an sexist behavior… isn’t that what that young private at Ft Hood, who was beat to death with a hammer an dismembered???? Isn’t that what she face in christian America????

When you want a leader, you want one for all, an not just a third of the population who believe in aliens from outer space an rape is immaculate an women have no say over reproductive rights of their OWN BODY!!!!!!

So American men an women…what are you??? Idol worshippers or human who thinks they have a say over my body or are you HUMAN an not a bot created by magic????

No matter the VOODOO…. YOU HAVE NO SAY OVER ME…. I have a method of silence against christians…. I EXPOSE YOUR CLOSET…. try me… boo

Adorable Spite, so over men trying to dominate women, only frigid women are christians an muslims…please…. get on the space ship an leave…

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