Up & Downs on the Merry go Round….

I remember when I first started spewing… and oh, how I hated it… the acid taste, the chunks of food projectiles out of my mouth and nose… I learned to hate that body reaction by the time I was 5 years old… yep, nice christians to beat on a lil kid… such nice, good, sound people…. on what planet??? Oh please!!!

Finding out about a new old injury… just doesn’t surprise me… how did they hide it??? How did they hide the abuse for 17 years… ???

Oh I bet that last blow on Okinawa put their panties in a wad… Was that why they offered to send me back to the USA???… because I told them, touch me again and you are dead…

I was serious and I was not going to be touched by another human being in my life… and that I can say with great satisfaction… No one struck me again… rape, now that’s a whole different can of worms…. never looked at a man’s dick again without seeing worms… rape… never pretty..

Humans bowing down to idols stole my life… do you realize how barbaric that sounds… and this is the 21st century!!!! and it is still going on!!!

Frigid people, afraid of what they did to each other and we are condemned to live our lives based on their fears… thankfully that population of insanity is less than the population now… but those fears and the fear mongers like Trump & Kavanaugh are just the bed sheets of insanity in the world or America…

People are migrating to the suburbs or country to escape the plague of covid19… what is coming, will make the have’s and the have not’s… look like we are in the movie the Stand.… our new normal will not be a pretty place…

It’s quiet… I can hear the banger coming an I hit the button as if testing an 2 quick loud beeps and I hear nothing as they pass… I don’t go and sit in front of their homes a make them listen to my noise… why do they have a right to come into mine??? They are learning, respect or fear, depends if they are learning the lesson about laws….

Well enough mind wandering… got chores to do and a workout…

Have a good one… ours is cloudy with chance of rain and not hot yet… yet… is the word, because it will be when those clouds burn off….

Adorable Spite… bored with Trumps broken down voodoo…

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