Honest & Integrity in a Relationship is Rare…

Watching this morning news and so tired of hearing about Trump and his attempt to delay the election… the man is a psuedo christian and cares for no one but himself as do all religious… no matter the religion… you worship a god, because you have something to hide… honest, you think no living soul on this planet has done stupid like you???? Geez, talk about self centered….

I tried marriage 6 times, before I hit 40 years old… I sometimes wonder, would I have done any of that, if I had known about my brain injuries or physical injuries… Amazing I went through life, not letting anything stand in my way, not acknowledging my own limitations until I failed to succeed at what ever I attempted…. marriage was no different, nor was raising kids….

No one asked me If I wanted to be beaten from the time I was a toddler till the last blow at 17… no one asked if I wanted to be raped and stuck with a pregnancy… no one asked if they could co-parent, instead, they got their sex, owned the child by name and disappeared…. yep and I’m the bad person in this story…. okie dokie…

Hubby had his issues when we married and had some ghosts he needed to own… the one he has left, impacts him more than he knows and I don’t even know what the ghost is…. but he learned how important that integrity was in a relationship and how important honesty was… I don’t need to know the ghost and he has been told that… it’s his demon, he has to live with his choices and how they impact our relationship… he knows….

Others are learning… I am angry at my sons, they are so arrogant and never wanted, I gave all I could with a broken body and mind, but it was never enough… so they became the bully and liar my dad was…I’ll pass on that kind of relationship…

I’ve had people who called me, take, then walk out of my life… a connection they threw away at great expense unknown to them yet…

I, like anyone else, want to feel safe an secure in my relationships… so I ask this question of those who disrespected me or hubby…

When did we do that to you????

Christian behavior without being a christian… just shows how much it has infiltrated your lives… that you throw away your humanity for something that never existed….

#I am someone too….

Yet you think you have a right to do other wise to me… you closed the door… I’m just keeping the key…. trust is earned, an you’ll never have that gift from me again…

Margie, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother, Friend…. if you do it once, you will do it again and again… that is christian domestic violence… We will pass…

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