So Much for a Hoax Virus, hows that god now Cain????

Herman Cain, a Trump supporter for all the wrong reasons, an now the man knows, gods aren’t real an heaven is not his final resting place…he was living on the final place when he bought into white mans pasty raping, lying, cheating, murdering god….

Dude, you backed the wrong man an wrong man made god….

Covid is not a hoax, an I have hubby seeing cardiology, because he exhibits the signs of covid heart inflammation, which the JAMA just wrote about…now who’s the god???? We made his appointment weeks ago, because this bitch god used the brain, man an its fake god tried to destroy!!!!

The only gods on earth, us humans that use our brain instead of sitting on it like Trump an god worshippers do…

Adorable Spite watching voodoo take more lives….

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