Personality flip after TBI…

When the Air Force was pushing me out, an all they had to go with was a trumped up excuse… I asked the shrink that evaluated me… so called officer, gentleman and professional… I asked if you could change your personality…

His look that he gave me said it all… I have no clue what you are talking about… and he said… only if you try….

Now anyone who knows anything about Traumatic brain injury… know’s it’s going to change you and if you are anyone that knows anything… you know a stroke will do the same thing…

Change your personality….

I asked and got a BS answer, because the reputation of Vance AFB was more important than my life, my career or my children, who nearly died by the rapist hands on a federal installation… bet you never heard about that in the news… but if I had been a man, like my dad… things would have been no different… the Air Force covered up my death in Big Springs, Texas an shipped us off to Japan… ironically, that is what they did to me… my ex was active and we got orders for Japan an left a couple months after my discharge… now that is ironic….

So I asked, I screamed for help… but a base reputation was more important… sound like Fort Hood???… my discharge was 1983… Fort Hood is 2020… see any change in cover up????

As for the personality change with TBI and stroke… the person I was, is not who I am…

I am the product of repeated abuse to my body and brain… the person I am…

Is what Christians made…

Their worse nightmare….

Adorable Spite… in the mood for a fight with voodoo….

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