Justification… or Excuse’s???


Definition of justification

1a: the act or an instance of justifying something VINDICATIONarguments offered in justification of their choiceb: an acceptable reason for doing something something that justifies an act or way of behavingcould provide no justification for his decision2: the act, process, or state of being justified by God (see JUSTIFY sense 2a)3: the process or result of justifying lines of text (see JUSTIFY sense 3a)software that provides automatic justification of text…..

Interesting word… Justification… I imagine my son’s justified their behavior, but was it acceptable and if so, to whom???

I imagine my mother and sister and brothers justified their actions…

My mother for beating me to death… my sister for taking my life over and living it… my brothers for theft of property and collusion…

Daddy dearest is dead, he has no value, except as a sperm donor…

One thing I try very hard not to do… justify anything… Either I have a cause for doing the action or I’m playing christian and justifying my actions….

It’s like telling my story… early on, Peggy tried desperately to stop the blog… I did delete it and started over, but what I deleted, I could have left, why??? Because it was truth… Not justification… I was telling the truth as I remembered it… Peggy was embarrassed…oh an she got slapped once…

I don’t have to justify my story… I don’t have to justify the facts or the truth…

I just have to stick to the truth… because if I go around it.. that is the only legal recourse the family has… an truly, if I was them and some of the jobs they hold… I wouldn’t even acknowledge this blog, because it could be the end of those careers… funny how black lives matter, triggered ethics around the world… so much for gods…

For me, when someone justifies their behavior and actions… I know the influence of man’s made up religions has infiltrated their minds and their individuality now has to be…. Justified…. kind of sad huh… you sold your soul for a man, made god and heaven… that are nothing more than words made up by man, and said man, made up the meaning….

Just like the dictionary did with the above word… “Justification”….

Humans either own their existence and are aware or they justify everything they do and never own their lives…

Which are you???

Adorable Spite… watching Trump and his base justify enslaving women…

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