Don’t even try…

Doing as much research on top of what I already know about Covid19… and taking that information and researching what I know about hubby’s heart failure… and then….

Hammering that information into hubby for his appointment… My neurology is just before his cardiology, so no going with him…

What I want out of cardiology…. Echo cardiogram… T-cell test and Anti-body test…

What I expect is some push back, but my ace… he broke his neck and has had a silent heart attack, because of the extensive nerve damage at 18 years old… he has what I have… an yes, silent heart attacks and strokes happen, just as often as regular ones….

So, no, hubby an I will never know we are having a heart attack… freaky huh… that is what nerve damage can do to the body… and brain… hello….

I asked hubby, you going to remember all I told you… and he said, nope… making notes… smart man… he’s alive, because he listened….


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