Pinch me… not….

Neither one of us getting anything done today after PT… we are both tired, from being up last night with bangers….

Our favorite bad boys went by this morning an they have their license plate blacked out… oh children… what a tangle web you try to weave and I come along with a duster….

They always get caught… always…

A new injury… Collar bone… just wow… hubby has a bad break in his from when he broke his neck and his range of motion is beyond limited, he can’t work with his arms over his head, he has no control of them… but he gets the job done…

I was telling hubby I remember that hall way in Texas at that craftsman style home, with it’s red brick pillars and wide porch, just down the road from the theater in Big Springs, Texas…

I remember how narrow that hall was an I remember Freda ragging on Don, after the man just put in a shift on his 2nd job… yep, we were such happy christians….

The next thing I remember… I’m watching Freda break down, because her momma died… I lost 10 months of my life… because of a baby not of my dad’s blood…

When I came out of the coma, near death, what ever it was… I had no memory… no memory of the fight, no memory of the bastard child, no memory of my siblings… yep, wiped clean…

I believe Don was locked up in a psych ward for 2 to 4 weeks… as for medical care for me… I found no records, what I found, was a U. S. government hell bent on keeping a secret that isn’t secret anymore…

I wrote early on about basic training, just having a kid 2 months before, appendectomy at 6 months gestation… so my body wasn’t exactly healthy… and I had no memory of any injuries… I was 23 years old…

When graduation came around, we had to do the obstacle course… to pass the physical side of the military….

As I approached that rope, hanging over the water, I knew, my right was my strongest an would use that hand to keep me from sliding down the rope into that muddy water…

I jumped and pushed off with my left leg and felt it, the minute I hit the rope, my left side wasn’t much good… I barely made it over the water, dry….

I never forgot that at basic, I never forgot the balance beam in high school on Japan and I never forgot the dare devil in Alabama…. between 8 and 14…

They strangled me to death, they beat me to death and they left not one inch of my body unmarked…. thank you christians…

Breaking my collar bone, would explain the weakness at basic and why I struggled after we got to Japan… Freda an Don, killed their child and enjoyed it so much, they did it again and again…. I think I’m on life #5…. 4 more to burn up….

Just like the TBI and stroke, this broken collar bone, just doesn’t surprise me… and my brother washed out of Basic training because it was too hard…??? Boo hoo Richard….!!!!

I have about 6 more weeks of PT and I’m hoping to understand a lot more, before it is done, for this year….

Neurology next week and I’ll have some questions… which I think I already know the answers….

Still gob smacked… Holy crap on a cracker… this is like finding a hidden compartment in your vehicle that you owned for a decade….

I really shouldn’t be surprised… they wanted me dead and I decided to tell them….


Margie is here to stay….

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