Quiet so far….

Taking on bullies is never fun and when you ask them to turn it down and they take delight in getting louder… you got to decide… do you want to play and most of all, will you play fair????

Well of course I’m going to play and fair… who you talking to, your mirror???

The loud noisy siren works… and so far today and last night, nothing that I wouldn’t expect for noise… an remote was not by the bed… I don’t want a heart attack at night… but expect it to get used… bullies don’t just go away, they keep coming back…

So, we found a place in town that manufactures the kind of security gate we need and after measuring… hubby is down their ordering it and paying for it and my shopping trip to Costco… just went to the next month… like Sept… the gate is that spendy… but it’s height will stop the alarm from triggering and the cover over it will filter the light from across the way and we’ll be safe behind our little curtain that costs….. wonder if that will keep the chickens out??? hmmmm maybe kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak…

If it wasn’t for those who don’t want to wear a mask, social distance an obey laws, but bow down to a cross and pray to a idol instead…. are we sure we are in the 21st century???? Sure feels like the 1900’s to me…if it wasn’t for those yahoos, imagine how quiet our world would be…

I’m getting old, in body only…. I have a condition… my brain… well thanks to christians… it’s never going to grow up, per them… living in fear, because of a man made god is the way to go, when in reality, all you got to do is own your bullying….

Adorable Spite… there went my shopping trip…

I want a bubble from christians....

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