Is that all you got???

Ever live on a military Air Force installation, that has say B52’s or F4’s or F16’s or F111’s of B1B Bomber??? or helicopters or cesna’s or lear jets or any kind of aircraft??? We even lived right next door to SeaTac… by the tracks… now that was fun….

Earlier, with my back bothering me, I go out to do the strap exercises and hubby is puttering around… and a bully pulls up across the way, doing the boom, boom, boom… with windows up and those nice dark tinted windows… aren’t allowed here anymore for the driver…so it, was hiding… don’t ya love bullies, when they hide inside several thousand pound vehicle an me just 153 pounds wet… ya can tell how intimidated I felt… I hit the button… so he shut it down… an as he or it got ready to leave, he cranked it back up, with the boom, boom, boom and my finger hit the button, until I couldn’t hear the boom anymore…

Hubby has been doing as I asked, an only calling the cops, when stuff was going on that was blatantly illegal… well, now he can call when ever he gets the urge… I’m done playing nice… so next time our banger pulls up… license plate, and we’ll let him or it leave and when they come back… we will be calling the cops to file a formal complaint… just that easy… put children on a time out…

The truck belongs to a big Hawaiian… so bully ville here we come and aloha is and always has been a con, like mans man made gods….

The new gate will be ready in a couple weeks, the privacy cloth gets here in about a week… and hubby has the wheel for the big gate to ride on…. an yes, the camera will still pick everything up… outside the gate… lol, never listen in to a private conversation when we are outside, you will never hear the truth… I love making my own rumors…

Cops told us, call, an that is what will be happening with the squatters… we think they been hauling their trash down 6th street and dumping it, 2 big dump trucks picked up stuff that got dumped in the last 48 hours… and we have them removing stuff on video… sigh, no respect for themselves or the land…

Sounds like Trump and christians….

Well it’s hot in here and I’m tired after a long day of getting things done….

Did you see Anderson Cooper today on CNN… in our house, you heard a lot of loud “WHAT THE F”…… now we are back to the days of greece and it’s mythology being promoted by Trump… holy crap on a cracker, was Cooper fun to watch today….


Adorable Spite… cops on speed dial…..

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