Have you tried???

I know I did… I tried for about 49 years and when I got around the family… it was hello reality and welcome to the truth… that was 2003…. just before I turned 50… and 37 years of that 50 years I had amnesia… which continued until Nov 7, 2017… because of 26 people being murdered on Nov 5, 2017… so, yes I’ve tried to reconcile why christians did and continue to do the worse to each other and say….

“Slavery was a necessary evil” and “Immaculate conception” isn’t “RAPE”???

What’s wrong with those words and concepts uttered by people who call themselves children of their man made god???

My first experience with racism, involve Dave Cooper’s brother and his niece, my aunt and it was Bonita, LA… deep south… out of all the memories to loose at that age of around 6 to 8 years old… that memory of Cooper and the little girl and myself… never left… boo Tiny…

I listen to people like Barr & Cotton justify and it’s all religion… the man’s main con and only way to enslave the mass’s… with a fake religion, a fake god an a fake American…. yet they are in control as our nation spiral’s out of control…

Out of the blue my mother an a old Air Force person, reach out to me, after cutting me off…??? Games… christian games… not reality… they were in control, as Barr and Trump and his communist are at this moment in time… yet…

I tried… I voted… I can’t undo the damage to my body or brain that christians to this day will tell you they had a right???… yep, insanity at it’s best… and the only way to take our democracy back… is to VOTE and keep religion in the back rooms of it’s sickness and perverseness….

Get out an Vote… it may be your life you are impacting the most…

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…

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