Car Alarm Horns are Noisy at Night😳😂🤬

In bed for about half hour an a rig drives by with, boom, boom, boom… so I give it a few, an it gets louder…so hubby, sound asleep, gets woke up to call cops, after we walk around outside to hear what direction its coming from….

Kids at a house being built an they decide party central at 10PM with boom, boom, boom… an as they cops shut them down, I hit the siren an shut it down an use my sergeants voice, telling the children to go home…

Hubby back in bed, house across the way quiet an no more noise of boom, boom, boom in the night…

Right now I could use some Trump medical magic an my implants are done an we are packing to leave…. I wish…

But we aren’t an this isn’t the first hood we cleaned up… an I doubted myself about fear… they should fear me….

Now for a nice large bowl, let hubby snooze an I enjoy the quiet an the stars….

Nighty night….

Adorable Spite shutting down fake aloha voodoo….

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