And the Winner is???

Nobody…. Today on Makuu street, we have heard some noise, but nothing you don’t expect when people obey the laws… but slavery was a necessary evil…???

I have the handy little remote by me… I don’t care if you play the music and I can hear it as you pass… what I don’t want to hear… is you, before you even get close to the beginning of my acre… those are the ones… getting a taste of a very loud obnoxious car siren….

As for our squatters… we know that what ever is going on, it’s probably not legal and not much we can do within the confines of the law… so, we are putting out a few hundred for taller driveway gates and will cover them with outdoor gate cloth for privacy…. as long as they stay off our property and we keep us lite up, so that our corner can’t be used for what ever… and the dogs are safe, when we aren’t home… we are good… just poorer…

One banger stopped at the end of our driveway last night when the alarm went off, they were driving down Makuu street and turned it down before going down our private road… so, message received??? Doubtful, but, haven’t had any boom in my home today either, heard music, but not boom boom boom….

So hubby is out moving cameras, to make it less intrusive on the neighbors and more of pure security for us… between 6 cameras an 2 way communication… I can yell at you safely from my recliner… and when that doesn’t work… I just let the hounds out… he’s not shy…, nor is she…

So, we are trying to deal, with citizens who think wearing a mask is a joke and social distancing is something you do only in public and obeying the laws is for everyone else, not them… sigh, so over stupid christians… wish that space ship would come back an get them… but they laughing their ass’s off at what we have to put up with… yep, immaculate conception, the definition of rape…. an slavery a necessary evil… only evil on earth, religion…

No news, listening to Barr justify what he did, is a christian saying I am above the law, my god will judge me… who is that Trump??? Only god ever on earth…. MAN….

Adorable Spite… gagging at the lies from the voodoo of Barr….

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