He got behind the wheel, sound asleep….

Hubby, ya know, life isn’t just about sex… it’s about communication and hubby… when he talks, he will trigger a memory, because he is talking about his youth and tonight was no different… we were talking about highways and driving and the memory hit… played out before my eyes as hubby talked in the background….

This memory is fairly young in my youth… an I believe my older half brother was with us, when this happened…

Dad loaded us all up in that 4 door vehicle, vaguely think it was a Belair… and he got tired and decided he wanted a nap… well, back in those days… you just pulled off at any rest stop, like you can today and take a nap…

Well Don was over 6 foot tall, so he would drag me and my brother to a picnic table and leave the car for Freda and what ever other kids that might have been alive… to sleep in the car…

So, I take a side of the picnic table, Larry takes the other side and Don, takes the top…

At some point I wake up… an we are driving down the road… and I hear Freda, say, be quiet, Don is asleep and would try and wake him, into a reality state and not a sleeping state….

Now that memory comes out around the time of the boob beating, so I was about 5 or 6 years old… and I knew, when that incident happened again, when Don wanted to go see family… he had neurological issues… he had sun-downers dementia in his 20’s…. an he would act out this bizarre behavior until his death in 2006… I told Freda my diagnosis, before the neurologist ever got a chance… I watched him with it his whole life… I do wonder if he had some kind of brain injury… but truth from Freda… never going to happen…

Anyhow… that was what we would call a good memory, because on those trips, he would put the radio on the mystery hour and everyone, but Freda and Don would be asleep and I would get to hear my favorite show, with just the hum of the tires on pavement….

An I thought I didn’t have anything else to write about… you never say never on this journey….

As for the bangers… the remote to the car siren, an it’s obnoxious as hell, it has gone off several times today and it doesn’t get shut off, till I can’t hear the bullies in my home any longer…. so, neighbors and drivers… this is just going to get interesting…

Have a good one….

Adorable Spite… journeying through time with Margie…

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