No More Mile Walks…

One of the biggest reasons we want a property on the beach, so we can walk it… walking on packed wet sand is not like walking on asphalt or lava rock or side walks… it absorbs more of the shock, when I walk and it makes me slow down… and I can’t slow down, when walking on hard surfaces… to painful… which is why, in the store, I’m usually way ahead of hubby, or was, before the pandemic…

I told PT no more long walks and they get why, it’s painful and always has been… but I did it for exercise… now I use other avenues… like that elliptical…

So why no long walks with hubby and the pups… they can’t walk as fast as I do and slowing down for them, makes more pain for me… so, it’s just easier, to let them do the walking…

I will get out an do them in the morning, but it has to be cooler weather… so hubby isn’t pushing his heart in the heat… so, it’s a give and take, when it comes to exercise in this household… so, a nice beach house, is what we really want to buy…

Our squatting neighbors… we are there… from now on… no more, telling them to knock it off at night… now, it’s just call the cops and keep calling the cops, till they move off the property, they shouldn’t be on… my PT kid, her brother lives on the opposite end of our street and that is the meth haven and hooker ville… they are moving into our hood and we aren’t going to let that happen….

So, hubby is putting up a couple extra out door night motion lights and we are going to be lit up like a christmas tree and the cops are not going to have a problem finding the headaches…..

Can we move yet??? 3rd neighborhood, we have had to clean up… most people just bury their head in the sand and bitch about it… we do something… an we usually win, about 6 months before we sell… oh, yea….

Aloha is a myth and racism is alive and well on Hawaii island an so is the prostitution and drugs…

Adorable Spite… wishing we were anyplace else, even our last residence would be better than this crap, called aloha….

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