I wanna, but I can’t….

We are beyond frustrated…

We don’t let our dogs bark all hours of the day or night… we trained them, we have them for a reason….

We don’t crank up the couple thousand watts sound system I have… it’s packed, neighbors to close…

We don’t have our motion lights set up to intrude upon our neighbors, so that they are not waken by our lights…

We don’t record our neighbors….

Or at least we didn’t used too….

Have you noticed that those that won’t wear a mask, are the ones causing the most problems???

Have you noticed that those that go to church, will be the first to hood wink their neighbor???….

Have you noticed that those that scream the loudest with their noise, you aren’t allowed to do the same to them???…

Have you noticed that Trump and his staff, vote by mail, but cry foul, when you the tax payer votes by mail???

Have you noticed that their is a standard for one and not for all???

You can thank the GOP and I got to see it in action in 1985…under President Reagan… an they are fast in succeeding in selling America to the highest bidder….

Left with no other options… we are watching them remove property from across the way… and it’s beyond odd, what is being removed… so, did we break up something illegal…??? Let me put it this way, when my big dog growls at the original owner and has for the last four years… what do you think… I trust my dog’s instincts over anything that comes out of christians mouths….

Hubby has moved lights…. the security devices we bought are going to get installed and dogs are going to have to get used to the noise… because I know what happens when you piss off people like we are dealing with… never turn your back… but they’ve never crossed someone like me… an fear… not even a palpitation….

Adorable Spite… still waiting on Douglas… hoping it miss’s the other islands, but not from what the news shows us… back to dancing with the devil…

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