Aloha my ass…

Douglas is still churning… We went to bed about ten, got woke up by boom boom boom, across from us… Cops called an back to bed at eleven…up again at 2:30AM an stomp outside an yell shut the crap down an here a male voice go what the hell an what came out of my mouth, would make a sailor proud… by 3AM, they went back to where ever they are taking the stuff from the house they are stripping….

Want paradise???? Hawai’i is most certainly not it….

So, two hours sleep an the fuckers across the way, better hope Douglas dumps ton of rain, because, Home land security is getting called next time!!!!!

Sleep is over rated… as hubby gets up, pees an goes back to bed… must be nice…

News in the background updating the hurricane an lots of crashes off the cliffs… it be rolling out there right now….

Too early for coffee….UGH, I hate stupid!!!!!

Adorable Spite…. sleep, so want some sleep….

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