What to Do???

Step outside, you feel the cool air and the sun comes out from behind a cloud and bam… it’s hot and you feel the muggy…. so far, we are a tropical storm, that should hit late tonight and into tomorrow… lots of wind and rain… just means, I get long showers for the next couple of days….

I was dead serious earlier… my thought process has already transitioned back to where I was before the 2011 surgery that nearly cost me my life, on the VA operating table…

It is beyond weird, how this works, with the stenosis, flareups, heat on the brain and all that jazz… but since, I’m back to where I was before that surgery… now what…

I’m at that stage, when I stood in Freda’s kitchen an told her I was missing memory….

Oh, you are curious why that has value… because the memories were coming back and I didn’t think about them, they just happened… and that speaks volumes as to what I may not remember….

Again, neurology in a couple weeks, so I’ll see what the kid says, but I think I already know his answer…..

IF the past isn’t driving me nuts for answers… I really don’t have anything to write about…

I got all the answers about the injuries… blunt force trauma fractures from my head to my feet and brain injuries… which means spinal cord…

So, what more is there for me to learn or figure out???…

Am I angry???… probably will always have some anger about what was taken from me… christians have no problem stealing…

I’m already doing what I need for the physical side and it’s been a week since the MRI and all I had was one night of bad dreams and the rest… as if I was just sleeping, no deprivation of sleep, no PTSD…and that is the other key, the difference in the mental health… it’s huge, it’s beyond change…

So, now what…??? You aren’t interested in my political thoughts and my thoughts about religion or any of it’s corruption… that population of people is outnumbered in America an is going the way of dinosaur…. so watching them die off… no big deal… so what to write about… ????

Good question…..

Yep, I think I have come full circle… I’m ready to move on….

Margie… at the end of the journey….???

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