It don’t work that way christians… we have a constitution!!!!

Telling women doctors that can’t pose with a cocktail or in a swimsuit is going back to the days of the spanish inquistion!!! Barbaric and most of all christian frigid!!!

Want to know who the frigid people are in America… the ones that love sex so much, they don’t want you to have any, unless you do it their way, missionary, back to back, head to head… I mean get real… you really want some psycho who believes in a god that was born out of rape to tell you what you can and cannot do???

That is exactly what evangelicals have been doing for the last 60 plus years and they wormed their way into the white house and put Trumpie in charge and found out that buying Roe versus Wade was just the beginning of their corrupt, sick, barbaric religion…..

So, you want the right to tell Americans how to behave… how much money you got??? Can you afford my price or are you going to do like China is an force me an others into a concentration camp an brainwash us to believe rape is immaculate????


I dare you to try…. Not only will my foot find it’s way up your ass… but that 44 has christians written all over it… now… censor this you bigots…..

Sgt. USAF DAV… fed up with fake christians that lie, steal, cheat, rape and murder in the name of a god born out of rape!!!!

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