Hallmark an its co brainwasher…..

Romance novels, movies, etc… is nothing more than fiction playing upon your emotions, just like the bible…… fantasy is good at screwing with your lives….

I read my fair share of trash… but watching movies like the Notebook…. I did, an all I saw…full blown manipulation by the writer, the producer an the performance…. all to manipulate you into thinking bullying is romantic….


This article looks at the psychology of the romance industry… same industry that drives mans religion that says rape is immaculate….

Never will understand women who believe in a god that says rape is immaculate, unless that’s how they get off an, sex, is an individual choice, but not according to evangelicals…. they want to tell women what we can or cannot do with OUR BODIES….. while they masturbate under the cloth of darkness… really is more fun acknowledging our body instead of denying it….but not to them…

Yep you can’t fix stupid when you live on christian platforms like face book, instagram, twitter, tik tok…. yep, sell your soul for technology…. sounds about normal for brainwashing…. I think hubby gets my thought, they threw us away for the man made gods an its platforms….

Adorable Spite… waiting, not anymore… moving on…

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