Getting Physical….

After the leg surgery at El Paso VA, I knew things were off…but the VA covered up the mal practice and 9 years later… I’m getting physical to fix the damage they caused… sounds so much like Trump and his corrupt christian base… now America is getting a taste of what sub-standard health care is… and the doctors get to play god, because of supply and demand… now tell me humans aren’t the only gods on this planet….

I have flash’s of memory on Okinawa, as the brain was waking up… an he hits me again… I tell ya, this herniated neck thing, along with stenosis… witches brew, If I ever heard of one… have you heard of one???, maybe we can compare notes….

I had a lot of dreams an hopes, when I married hubby… and I forgot, I wasn’t the only influence in their lives… and we lost, the others won… how??? They are still participating in christian platforms… just that simple… the religion head fake, still owns them… so we move on and hope they catch up… before it’s too late…

So I will adjust my dreams, to a smaller home, less traffic into that home, if any… and just enjoy what we worked for… that ocean view, that ocean sound, that coastal living… as we get ready for a hurricane… at least the waters up there are a whole lot colder… Tsunami will be the only worry….

A few years ago, this thought process would have been difficult to accept and I would have worked harder at making it happen… not anymore…

I’ve said through out my blog… your choices impact ours… and because of that… I let hubby make the decision he has been wanting to make, since we decided to leave Hawaii… where to move too… he wants the coast, he’s getting his wish as I watch my dreams fade away again…. sometimes life really sucks…

But I’ll make the best of it and have a nice little home, with a awesome view and hopefully quiet, to do some writing….

Life is what we make of it… maybe someday my dreams will come true, but, gob smacked by reality and life is what it is… my choices are impacted by others and their choices….

Adorable Spite… watching the sky get darker and can hear the waves upon the cliffs….

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