You never got talked too….

Trump doesn’t talk to anyone, he talks down to them… So does Graham, Mcconnell, Cruz, Rubio, Gaetz, geez there are so many noxious sexist men in congress it makes you gag… an christians keep voting them into office and bitch about not getting what they want and vote them into office again… honest, you can’t fix insanity, which is doing the same thing and expecting different results… you voted the yahoos into office how many times??? and still are waiting??? yep, you can’t fix stupid….

In my parents house, you didn’t get talked to, you got talked down too…

An when I became an adult, they tried the same thing and when that didn’t work… I literally got cut out of the family and that is no joke…

Family reunions… never told about any of them, until I lived in the same town… True story…

My siblings… I made sure my mother always had my address and phone numbers and kept them current so my sibling could contact me… only time I heard from them… when they wanted something….

As for our children…. their worlds do not include our worlds and we are fast accepting that… I had children, because I got pregnant, not because I wanted kids… hubby… had a kid, because his ex got pregnant… so, when you are thrust into parenting, when you didn’t want it… you do the best you can… hubby did a good job… I’m a bad parent, because I won’t put up with bullying by my sons… they can go live with my momma….

When I try an talk to the kids, an they ask for advice and then jump down my throat, because it’s not what they want to hear or agree with…. it’s time to just keep moving out of range… and that’s not idle thoughts… it’s always been in the back of our minds…

What I want out of the relationships and what the kids are willing to give… will never meet in the middle… so, you just quit with the fake BS and plan your lives accordingly and that is what hubby and I are doing…

We have no clue, where we want to buy our next property… but, it being in Okanogan county has become a distant dream, that just seems to get further out of reach…. and we aren’t the ones pushing it further away….

No, getting the last MRI, allowed me to let that pressure in my body and mind go…. no one has had our backs for a long time, except ourselves… and I’ll just have to continue to plan our lives accordingly….

I have a feeling, we are going to be buying a house on the west coast, some place like gig harbor…. or the San Juan’s…. but Okanogan county… it will be a nice place to visit… maybe…

Mom, reflecting….

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