We are a fluke of nature…..

Listening to the news and switch over to another channel and they talk about how long our planet has been here and that survival is just a fluke of nature an that is true…

We are born atheist… if gods existed, you would know it before you were born… instead you are indoctrinated into religion, which is nothing more than someone else’s fears….

Like the mantra says… Fear is the mind killer, I will face my fear and let it pass through me and only I will remain….

Religion takes that individuality and makes it into the religions image, which are based on the teachings of humans… only gods on earth…. Human…

Getting the head fake of religion out of your head is the hardest thing to do, once it takes root, and that is what the con’s want… other wise, they will have to get off those fat ass’s and get a real job…..

The pandemic will either break or put a huge crack in religion… because no matter how much you pray… the only friend you talk to in your head… is yourself… and that is the image of your god….


Adorable Spite… watching religions mystic’s fade away like Merlin….

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