Reality has it’s moments…

I lived in that fantasy world, trying to survive the raping and murdering christians I lived among….

When I escaped… I had no clue about body injuries or brain injury… but I knew something wasn’t right…

I asked for help and all I got was sexist men as doctors like President Trump, who violated the oaths they took to serve… my body is proof of that, as are my government medical records from 1975 to now…. evidence, not snake oil…. proof…

I have the proof, I live in it’s skin…. my body…

With my thoughts… I guess you have to look at the way I treated you and you are going to have to look at the way you treated me??? Not likely……

You may have forgotten… I never can… an because of that… it leaves a gap in our relationship, that can’t be filled… because I’m not the person you want to fill it… you just want from me, when it works for you… an no thought to me or us… an that’s okay… but it’s a two way street….

IT comes down to we offered to be a part… and they wanted to play games with that offer… sorry, no negotiations…

What I’m trying to point out… How did I treat you????

How did or are you treating me or us???

And that is where the problem lies… We know what our costs have been for 26 years… what has been yours???

Yep, that last MRI is playing a big role in my moving forward… and letting it go… I imagine the pioneer days felt this way to some parents… knowing they will never see the family again… but this is the 21st century…. and families are even less together than 20 years ago…

That last thought is truly sad… how many will die alone, because of that same mentality.????

Only gods on earth or the sky above or below… HUMAN….

Adorable Spite…. watching humanity sell it’s soul for a man made paradise… you can’t fix stupid….

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